First brazilian low cost airline and a reference in this model, Gol benefited from Scan services even before starting its operations. From check in printers and readers to its most critical applications sustainability, Scan maintains this technology 24x7x365. As a highlight, Gol's website which is the main sales channel with one ticket per second in peak hours. Scan Brazil Consulting was also selected by Gol to develop important other applications like the dynamic boarding pass and the bag check system.


Azul selected Scan Brazil Consulting long before its first flight. Scan Brazil Consulting developed and is responsible for the sustainability of dozens of key Azul applications. It is from Scan Brazil Consulting the barcode reading technology, including cellphones. And recently when Azul decided to deploy its own travel portal Scan Brazil Consulting was selected to develop, built and sustain the website.


With presence in all brazilian States, Infraero is responsible for all major brazilian airports administration and benefits from Scan Brazil Consulting services for passengers boarding management. On the front end of this management is the airlines boarding pass integration. In the back office, there is complete billing system integrated with the airlines.