Check in Offline.

Offline Check In is a product developed by Scan Brazil Consulting. Gol Brazilian Airlines has been using the product for n years and it is in use by Azul Brazilian Airways for m years now. It is an incredibly affordable way to prevent airport chaos in case of a DCS system or communication failure.

The product makes use of the New Skies ODS database to extract passenger lists for all flights for all airports. It stores this data either in a centralized web-based server or a local server at the airport. In case of a DCS or communication outage, the airline airport agent just changes a SkyPort parameter to point it to the offline server and continue working in fully automated mode.

Offline Check In responds to the very same New Skies entries. This means that no additional training is required and the airport agents can seamlessly check passengers in, print boarding passes and bag tags, and gate passengers. With Offline Check In the airline can have the same functionality found in the online SkyPort product including connecting flights and full bag tag functionality. And when the DCS or the communication is restored the Offline Check In uses the New Skies APIs to automatically upload all the check ins and boardings made offline.

The product business model is based on a monthly fee per site. A site is usually an airport and could also be an advanced check in post like in a hotel or convention center. There is no transaction or setup fee.

Get started with Offline Check In by running a trail. Download a passenger list to a demo offline server, point your SkyPort to it and do check ins and boardings, and print boarding passes and bag tags. Ask Scan Brazil Consulting to setup a demo for you.

download the product presentation