The Scan Brazil Consulting is a technology company that provides solutions to some of the major corporations of the country's business landscape. Working heavily in commercial aviation, Scan Brazil Consulting has created some of the most innovative solutions that industry ...
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"For GOL, Scan Brazil is more than a service provider, is an important partner in the realization and implementation of important projects. As I point out the major strengths and business expertise. In addition, the company is in tune with the innovations of the tourism sector. "
Marcelo Ribeiro
Business Management Solutions


  • wed Nov 23
    Scan Brazil Consulting does mentoring at the IBM SmartCamp.>>
  • fri Sep 02
    IW - Ex-hacker "SparkyBlaze" advises how companies should act to prevent major data breaches.>>
  • Thu Sep 01
    Scan Brazil Consulting at the Navitaire User Conference.>>
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