Scan Brazil Consulting is a technology company providing solutions for some of the most important Brazilian corporations. With a strong presence in the airline business, Scan Brazil created some of the most innovative initiatives of this industry.

As demand on IT departments grows, specially those compliance related, corporations realize they need to count on an IT provider they can trust to take care of applications development and sustainability.

Browse our services and products e see how your corporation could benefit from Scan Brazil's experience and skills.

The Scan Brazil Consulting has built strategic partnerships with some of the largest technology corporations:

Scan Brazil Consulting é an IBM [partner] and developed a solution using its traceability technology.

Scan Brazil Consulting an iOS Developer Program member for software development in the iOS platform for iPhone and iPad.

One of the most relevant cases in the partnership between Scan Brazil Consulting and Epson is software and hardware development for airlines. Products developed by Scan Brazil Consulting led to the creation of a new global line of printers for airlines all over the globe.

Scan Brazil Consulting partnership with Honeywell created an innovative barcode reader for cellphones that uses a high definition camera initially used in the Space Shuttle.

Scan Brazil Consulting provides development services and support solutions. Company as Gol Airlines and Azul Airlines and other industries have benefited from these services have to meet their technology needs while their IT departments can focus on managing resources and processes.
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Scan Brazil Consulting has created a series of products that accelerate the deployment of solutions. For airlines, offline products include check in and boarding pass dynamic.
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