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Offline Check In
Agility in passenger check in at any airport depend mostly on technology. When a technology component fails the only option for the airline virtually is to switch to manual operation. Chaos usually rapidly follows, including negative media exposure. Since 2005, Gol Brazilian Airlines, and later Azul Airlines, count on an application designed and developed by Scan Brazil Consulting. In several outage episodes where the airport communication link failed or due to a system cutover, neither the airport staff or the passengers experienced any disruption.

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All boarding passes are standard. While this can make airport operation easier, it can also severely limit marketing initiatives in such a conspicuous space. After all, boarding passes are seeing by thousands of people every day. Scan Brazil Consulting developed a solution that allows the airlines to create their own layouts with embedded adds with dependency on any technology provider.

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Azul travel portal
In 2011, Azul Brazilian Airlines launched its travel portal to sell dynamic packages with air tickets, hotels, car rental, transfers and city tours. Scan Brazil Consulting was selected to build the portal. The project involved the integration of different types of technology, specially from global providers and the interaction with those providers.

Paperless Check In
In June 2011, the Brazilian airport authority and TAM Airlines launched a very useful tool: a complete paperless check in. Passengers can board using their cellphones. A 2D barcode is sent to the cellphone thru email or SMS. The application developed by Scan Brazil scans the "boarding pass" displayed in the cellphone's screen. Scan Brazil also provides the Brazilian airport company with a back office solution.