The Scan Brazil Consulting is a technology company that provides solutions to some of the major corporations of the country's business landscape. Working heavily in commercial aviation, Scan Brazil Consulting has created some of the most innovative solutions that industry. With the ever increasing demands on their IT departments, especially to meet legal requirements and compliance, companies increasingly realize the need for a reliable provider that can absorb much of the development and support of applications.

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Our team

Arnaldo Bifulco Filho, marketing director

Marketing Director, 19 years with Scan Brazil, airline business technology and process specialist.

Featured Professionals:

Software engineers:

The group has experienced professionals in the most advanced technologies. Everyone in the group have participated in the design, construction or implementation of mission critical systems for large corporations. In addition to the mastery of these technologies, these professionals know the business processes of airlines, airports, etc.


The team has professionals specialized in the most advanced technology, and graduate certificates according to their area. This team was responsible for cases like the recent construction of the travel portal of Azul Airlines.

Business analysts:

With advanced skills in technology, analysts Scan Brazil are connoisseurs of the business processes of its customers, including airlines and airports, and techniques such as prototyping and testing of applications.