Solutions Development.

Demands on corporate IT are endless. IT is expected to be even more involved with more business strategic levels. And that requires IT professionals to spend more time on business meetings and work groups. On the other hand, constant changes in the business environment and regulatory compliance require that IT professionals work more hours on reports and process review.

While potentially creating more value to the business, all of these demands take from IT professionals the time they once used to apply in technology creation - solutions and applications. Therefore, more companies depend on a reliable provider that can fill such a gap: to focus on solutions design and development.

Scan Brazil Consulting offers exactly this kind of skill and experience.

With a team of business analysts, software engineers and developers, Scan Brazil Consulting has been helping companies like Gol Brazilian Airlines, creating e-commerce and other business applications.


Application Sustainability

IT departments have been facing three challenges regarding application sustainability. First, there is the continuous demand for modifications due to the dynamic regulatory environment. All levels of government laws and regulatory agencies like Securities and Exchange Commissions demand constant application change.

Another factor is the need to constantly modernize business applications. Aggressive competition, global and local economic scenario shift, and super demanding customers all demand more complex business functions and smarter applications.

And there is the pressure for compliance: every change must follow a formal management process that certainly reduces the risk in the operating environment but at the same time increases the time and effort dedicated to change.

Scan Brazil Consulting's experience in application sustainability makes difference.

Companies like Azul Brazilian Airlines are making good use of Scan Brazil Consulting's skills and experience in application sustainability. Scan Brazil has dedicated and specialized teams to each client. Besides providing on time and high quality deliveries, application changes are taken care by professionals skilled in each business and technology.