e-Bording Pass.

e-BOARDING PASS is a product developed by Scan Brazil Consulting. It is a software layer on top of New Skies that allows an airline to create its own boarding pass layout independently of the usually rigid standard layout generated by its main reservation and DCS system.

The product does not require any modification in the New Skies system. It is configured as a default system printer and intercepts the data streaming coming from New Skies. The product decomposes the information contained in the streaming and re-arranges it according to the user-defined layout.

Using a friendly user interface, non-IT staff like your marketing department can easily create any XML-based layout. This means that e-BOARDING PASS can let end users create and modify boarding pass layout with no dependency on IT or software provider.

e-BOARDING PASS also allows the airline to profit from inserting advertisement into the boarding pass. It allows dynamic insertion depending on the market (origin and destination airport), flight date, cabin or any other business information contained in the boarding pass. It also allows the airline to explore modern interactions like QR Code turning a paper-based document into a digital experience for advertisement and e-commerce.

The product business model is based on a monthly fee per site (an airport). There is no setup feed or transaction fee or limitation.

download the product presentation